Baptismal Water Car Wash

More late summer car wash news. Here's a free anecdote for whatever type of Sunday gathering you do (or don't do):
In an attempt to be environmentally friendly and serve the community, Members of Levenshulme Baptist Church in Manchester will use the water from this Sunday morning's Baptismal service to wash local vehicles.

The Baptistry pool where Claire Peel (17) is to be baptised holds a number of gallons of water which the church are keen not to simply pull the plug on afterwards. Invitations to have a free car wash have been sent to local residents and the churchgoers will clean cars at 1pm.

Minister of Levenshulme Baptist Church, Ian Spence said "We are pleased to offer a different kind of service to the community. I can't promise however that the cars will run problem free as a result of the special water used".

:: via Inspire Magazine