Banksy's Simpsons Intro Shows Dark Side of Pop Culture

banksy street art The Simpsons photo

Banksy Directs The Simpson's Intro - Image via: Screen capture of YouTube video

Banksy, the mysterious and world-renowned street artist, directed the intro segment of The Simpsons, illustrating a dark statement on consumer culture.

Video after the jump.

In addition to dropping a few "Banksy" tags throughout the city of Springfield (see below), Banksy also included a few of his signature rats in the segment (see above) and his own take on Bart Simpson's iconic writing on the chalkboard scene. But what made this intro segment so dark and what will likely have the most people talking was the additional scenes that came towards the end of the segment.

banksy tag on Krusty the Clown billboard The Simpsons photo

Banksy tags Krusty billboard - Image via: screen capture of video

You should watch the video above for yourself to get the full experience, but my first impression is that these scenes are the artist's view on the ugliness of consumer culture. Illustrating sweatshop conditions and the abuse of human workers, the exploitation of animals and the environmental-degradation that can come with the mass-commercialization of cheap consumer goods, Banksy attempts to show the ugly side of consumerism.

Like all art, this intro by Banksy is open to interpretation. What do you think Banksy was trying to say with his Simpsons' intro? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

More screenshots below.

UPDATE: The New York Times has an interview with Al Jean, "an executive producer and the longtime show runner at The Simpsons" about how they pulled it off.

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