Banksy Supports Fellow Graffiti Artist

tox ic photo

Photo: banksy

Earlier this month TreeHugger noted that a London graffiti artist named Tox had been convicted of criminal damage after a jury decided his art was vandalism.

Just this week a new Banksy piece has been discovered in a corner of north London, painted as a tribute to his co-conspirator.

three tox photo


Tox's graffiti consists of his name followed by the two digits of the year. At the trial and in the comments section of the TreeHugger post, there was a disagreement over whether his graffiti was art or not. Everyone is an authority. The prosecutor said "He is no Banksy. He doesn't have the artistic skills, so he has to get his tag up as much as possible."

You can decide now.

wall board photo

Photo: B. Alter

Ever curious, this is what the Banksy graffiti looked like just 24 hours after it was done. The careful house owners have protected it with plywood--to sell it or put perspex over it? Keep watching this corner for the answer.

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