Banksy Graffiti Feud Continues

war banksy photo
Image from Banksy prints: After

Banksy, the famous graffiti artist, is in an epic feud with the venerable graffiti artist King Robbo. And we are so chuffed because the Guardian newspaper quoted TreeHugger in its account of the ongoing saga.

Just to recap: great excitement because 4 new Banksy graffiti pieces appeared along a canal in London. But it turned out that one of the pieces was a "desecration" of an older existing piece by King Robbo from 1985. global banksy photo
Image from flickr: Before

This is considered a serious breach of graffiti etiquette and King Robbo and Co. hit back by altering several of Banksy's creations and leaving their tag. The global warming piece (above) was changed to" I don't believe in war" and several others were defaced.

fight back photo
Image from the Times

This paint-over of the original King Robbo graffiti is what really set them off.

king robbo photo
Image from Banksy prints: Before

Robbo retaliated by altering it to show his name.
robbo fuc photo
Image from jezblog: After

Now it seems that Banksy has retaliated. He has added "fuc" to King Robbo and come up with the above image.

Where will it end? And is it about artistic integrity or is it about publicity? Banksy's works in the past have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Robbo is an unknown, except to insiders. He isn't anymore... Some cynics even think that they may be in it together--both get a bigger profile and more money.

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