Bangladesh Reels From the Impact of Climate Change

Pulitzer Center journalist Steve Sapienza's, "Bangladesh reels from the impact of climate change," video airs 12/8, on Worldfocus.

This post, written by Steve Sapienza, originally appeared on Pulitzer Center's blog
Where and when to watch Worldfocus on TVLast year, rising tides destroyed more than 300 schools in Bangladesh leaving children with no place to learn. In response to the worsening floods, social entrepreneur Mohammed Rezwan created 28 "school boats" to bring school to Bangladeshi children. Rezwan, NGOs and governments in poorer countries are trying to address the impacts of climate change now.

In 2008, a United Nations' Adaptation Fund was launched to help poor countries finance projects to blunt the effects of global warming, but industrialized nations have failed to make the promised donations. In Copenhagen, Denmark climate talks may reveal a growing rift between developing countries and industrialized nations.

Producer Steve Sapienza of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting provides a view from Bangladesh, a nation already reeling from the impact of climate change.This story was reported for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting as part of the Copenhagen News Collaborative, a cooperative project of several independent news organizations. Check out the constantly updated feed here from Mother Jones, the Pulitzer Center's special Heat of the Moment climate change portal here and the Center's Copenhagen Dispatches blog here.

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