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Skateparks, street curbs, park benches and just about anything with a lip is no longer safe - safe from going green that is. Bamboosk8 has developed a shortboard skateboard desk out of 100% bamboo. Not a bit of maple in this deck. For those not familiar with skateboarding or shortboards, what does this mean for sustainable skating and how can you win one of these decks?Bamboo is a lighter and stronger material than maple, offering better grinds and kickflips, not to mention eliminating splintering of the board. Other bamboo boards also offer only 1 or 2 layers of bamboo, but Bamboosk8 creates boards that are 100% bamboo. Aside from its strength, there are a wealth of reasons for choosing bamboo (a grass) over other wood products for making skateboards, like lowering deforestation rates. The fast growing-rates of bamboo, as opposed to wood, makes bamboo a preferable source.

Sector 9 and Arbor Skateboards have both developed bamboo longboards, but up until now no one has been able to make a bamboo shortboard that performs better than maple. Shortboards tend to be thinner than longboards and therefore need to be very strong in order to withstand the impact from tricks and jumps.

Bamboosk8 has only been around since 2007, but they are incorporating green into all of their practices. They use an entirely bamboo booth at all of their events - walls, tables, chairs, everything. Older "decks" are either reused and donated to low-income charities or broken down and used to make other bamboo products. In addition, they are switching to a new manufacturer that puts reducing its carbon footprint first, to help green a greater part of the products' lifecycle.

With most board sports going green these days, its not surprising that we're seeing more and more green in the skate world as well. Bamboo is far from a perfect material, and there are still toxic finishes that go into each deck, but sustainably sourcing a large part of the product is a good first step. Bamboosk8 is running a contest offering free decks for all who fill out an entry-form. Bamboosk8 is located in Oceanside, CA.

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