Bamboo: Holding the World Together

Those of you who read TreeHugger regularly know we lust after many things bamboo. The ecological wondergrass's versatility lends itself well to our notion of modern sustainable lifestyles, and we're glad to see that it's use is continuing to spread. Several months ago, we reported on Bambus, a German project to capture 1000 uses for bamboo in pictures, and we're happy to report that they're moving right along. Added to the sizable list they had started are a bevy of bamboo projects and products, from structural to artistic to whimsical to silly. The gamut runs from beer (?!) to briefcases to scaffolding to flashlights, hammocks to machine oil to mouse pads to race cars. Is there anything bamboo can't do? We daresay no! So raise a glass of bamboo beer and toast the grass the holds the world together. ::Bambus