Bamboo Baseball Bat by Bambus Bamboutique (!)

How could we resist? An American sports icon crafted from a Treehugger icon. But the real twist was that we found it in Lucerne, Switzerland, of all places. (And lucern being another fast growing, weed suppressing crop, just added to our bemusement.) Bambus sell a huge variety of bamboo based products, most of which is furniture. However they do take a swing at a variety of other goodies like the baseball bat shown and even golf tees. While they do deliver all over the world, their site is mostly in German, but for a few select English words like "Bamboo is our passion and our business." If you like the knuckled stuff as much as we do, you'll be in bamboo nirvana. (Not to be confused with the German based Bambus, which is an unrelated, non-commercial site, albeit with the same enthusiasm.) ::Bambus