Bamboo and Electric Bikes Win ISPO Brandnew Awards 2010

Boo Bicycles bamboo bike photo

Photo: Boo Bicycle by ISPO Brandnew

The winners of the international sports expo ISPO Brandnew Awards were announced the other day, and include a few environmentally and socially focused entries. Brandnew is a 10 year old project to give emerging companies a boost to their brand recognition by honouring their design work through an international product event. 2010 winner in the Hardware section was Boo Bicycles, for their racing bikes made with bamboo frames. The Urban Style award was picked up by Elmoto for their electric bike. And the Eco/Fair Trade Award went to Monkee, a line of organic and recycle clothing for climbers. More details and photos below.Boo Bicycles
Boo Bicycles is the work of 23 year mechanical engineering student, Nick Frey, who started the company just this year. Nick is also a champion cyclist, whose been competing in cycle events since he was 14. Inspired by the Calfee bamboo bikes, he developed a high end racing bike that is 70% bamboo by weight, although we suspect that percentage refers to just the frame alone. Apparently a frame takes about 50 hours of labour to construct, which might be why they cost about $3,500. The bamboo frame building is carried out in Vietnam, where they know a thing or two about bamboo. Nick believes his bamboo/carbon fibre combo bikes have an unmatched combination of stiffness, lightweight, vibration absorption, robustness and smooth ride. The inclusion of bamboo is more for improving the bikes performance than for any eco points. he reckons riding a bike is already pretty green.

Boo Bicycle at ISPO with Video
Boo Bicycles Website
Pics of the frames in production
Nick Frey interviewed by GamJams

elmoto electric bike photo

Photo: Elmoto
A German company that we highlighted earlier this year, who make a full electric bike -- it doesn't have the option of human-powered pedaling. The Elmoto is really an electric scooter, but with the muscular looks of say a downhill mountain bike. As such riders will need a drivers license to glide about on an Elmoto. It has a 'zoom zoom' of about 45 km/h (28 mph) and a "are we there yet" of 60 km (37 miles) on a full charge. Elmoto won the Urban Style award.

Elmoto at ISPO with Video
Elmoto Website

monkee clothing photo

Photo: Monkee Clothing
This German brand, like all ISPO Brandnew entrants was less than two years old at the time of their application to be considered for the awards. The small collection of lifestyle apparel, such as Tees and Hoodies is inspired by their love of rockclimbing, and enthused the Brandnew judges enough to grant them the Eco/Fair Trade Award. Each years range consists of recycled and recyclable materials, alongside bio-certified materials and production processes. In keeping with their name and logo, they also promote the conservation of habitat for threatened primate species.

Monkee at ISPO with Video
Monkee Website

Other winners included the likes of UTY, who make skiwear for disabled snowsports athletes.

:: 2009 ISPO Brandnew Finalists, via a nudge from SNEWS
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