BAM! Emeril Lagasse Unearths Fresh Ingredients on Planet Green


Planet Green, Discovery's upcoming eco-lifestyle television network, will be kicking it up a notch this July with the launch of Emeril Green, a new original series starring celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse.

Set in Whole Foods Markets, the show will feature healthy meals prepared with high-quality organic produce, seafood, and meats, as well as fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. Lagasse will also be working with a revolving door of everyday cooks, the staff of Whole Foods, along with other culinary experts to handpick and prepare the best ingredients for every recipe.

"Since my early days as a chef, I've always been passionate about using the freshest quality ingredients from farmers, fisherman and ranchers," says Emeril Lagasse. "While I'm no green expert, I try a little harder every day to think greener and be respectful of our environment and our resources. In this new series, we'll unearth how easy and fun it is to cook with the foods that are fresh, tasty and in-season and find smart ways to make each day a little greener for you and your family."

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