Baking Bread is a Political Act: Resurgence Mag's Slow Sunday

It may not seem so when you first think of it, but according to Resurgence Magazine’s editor Satish Kumar it decidedly is. Baking your own bread is an act of environmental and political activism. In consciously setting aside a day of the week, stepping back from consumer culture and with your own hands making your own bread is taking a stand for cultural biodiversity. And of September 28th, 2008 (that’s next Sunday for those without a calendar handy) Resurgence is calling for everyone to take the both symbolic and practical political act and simply bake.

So, why bread?
Bread Diversity = Cultural Diversity
From the Resurgence website:

Mahatma Gandhi made spinning an act of defiance; the spinning wheel became the symbol of the independence movement in India. Similarly, good bread should become a symbol of environmentalism. Bread diversity is a symbol of cultural diversity. Regional varieties represent grain diversity as well as diversity of style.

Baking bread is an act of meditation. Through this simple action we are able to slow down, pay attention and reconnect with tradition. It is something to share and to celebrate.

Baking your own real, healthy bread is a stand against commercialism - almost 90% of bread is mass-produced in factories using some ingredients that are not declared on the label.

More at :: Resurgence Magazine.

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