Backpacker Magazine: The Global Warming Issue

This one is a keeper for anyone who spends any time outdoors. There is no debate going on about whether global warming is happening, just page after page of the future of mountains and glaciers (glaciers gone in 30 years), another section on forests and rivers, (bye-bye, boundary waters as Minnesota's north woods go up in smoke) and the future of forests (fire and pine beetles). Follow that with a National Parks report card and some great green camping gear, and a hiker's guide to fighting climate change with 101 tips for cutting your carbon footprint.

One would think that backpackers would all be among the most convinced about global warming, being out there in the woods and mountains. Yet in their poll of their own readers 10% say global warming is a hoax and another 26% don't expect to see changes in less than a decade or two. Where are they hiking? Nothing online at ::Backpacker