Back on the Bottle for Christmas - and the Tap, Too


Photo via tap water bottle.

Remember when every celebrity hand in nearly every celebrity picture was clutching an expensive plastic water bottle? Hydration was the byword. Bottled water is up to 2,000 times more energy intensive than the tap, giving it a big carbon footprint. Rob from Toronto is leading the trend back to the bottle - the reusable glass bottle. Toronto company tap water is selling sturdy rubber-stoppered bottles, and Rob says it's a breeze to get merchants everywhere to refill that bottle for free:

"I want to see everyone using glass water bottles instead of those throw-away plastic things.. and I love products that have a sense of humor that makes helping the environment fun."

Photo via tap water bottle.
Bottled Italian
The company selling tap water bottles isn't exactly giving them away - the 250ml bottles cost $10 each, while the 500ml bottles, suitable for your desk or office, are $12 each (volume discounts available). If that seems outrageous, simply add up what you spend on bottled beverages in a week or two and you are likely to find that you can easily recoup the cost in a month or two. Unfortunately, this company couldn't find a local manufacturer to make bottles to their specifications, so they came from an Italian supplier.

Toronto Rob takes his 250 ml bottle with him wherever he goes, and says he's ben pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it is:

"These bottles are really tough (glass is way thicker then standard bottles) I dropped one as I was entering the bus (it hit two steps, then the pavement!) and even though it was full of water and I had to chase it down the road it did not break. Also the flip lid is great it gives you something to hold onto so that the bottle does not slip through your hands and with the rubber washer it keeps the bottle sealed very tight."

Holiday gift under $20
Now it would be great if lots of local companies could make a supply of these bottles, even make lightweight protective cages for the bottles so that those of us with slippery fingers and fumbly feet not to mention hit lots of bumps on the road called life could hold on to our bottles for awhile. If you want to give friends or co-workers the hint about their bottle habits, Canadian Real Life show host Tanya Prokomenko suggests filling it with candy (organic, natch) and giving it as a gift.

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