Baby Survives Being Shot Amid Fears of Climate Change

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A seven-month-old baby girl survived being shot in the chest by her parents, who later murdered the girl's older brother and then killed themselves. The shocking story, which occurred in Argentina, is made all the more troubling by the apparent motive behind the murder-suicide. A note found at the scene indicates that fears about global climate change, and a lack of action on behalf of the world community, was what drove the infant's parents to commit this most heinous of crimes.According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the child survived alone for three days before a neighbor became concerned about the smell coming from the house and decided to call the police. The girl was discovered to have been shot with 32 gauge bullet, but it did not penetrate any vital organs. She was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive.

Found dead at the scene were the girl's 2-year-old brother, shot in the back, and both her parents--apparently after agreeing to a suicide pact. The note, which states a paranoia over global warming motivated the attack, was found on a table.

This may be the first time that such a murder-suicide has been committed over concerns of climate change, though the parent's actions would indicate underlying social or psychological disorders were ultimately to blame. The family's home has been described as "modest," though there's no evidence that they were directly impacted by the effects of global warming that have been recorded in Argentina.

According to the Philadelphia Weekly, some folks, like Jim Hoft of First Things, are already attempting to diminish the horrifying behavior of the seven-month-old's by blaming it on those who report on the climate change phenomena. He said:

Someone should sue Al Gore. He played on their fears and now a whole family is dead.

Such sentiments are appalling, not simply for lending credence to this terrible, delusional act, but for attempting to discredit verifiable science on behalf of the two murderous, clearly unbalanced people.

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