Baby Clothes for that Special One

These exquisite baby clothes, hand-knit out of pure organic cotton, come with a heart-warming treehugger-style story. Made in Paraguay, by a small company started up by two sisters--one lives there and the other lives in London. They had wanted to do something ecological and sustainable and of good design and from their country. After getting pregnant they came up with their idea. Beautiful hand-knit baby clothes, made from the softest organic cotton grown in their native land. They are working with local people, employing 34 neighbourhood women to do the knitting and crotcheting. Some pieces are hand-loomed and embroidered as well.

They named their company aravore which means a piece of heaven. The sisters do the designing themselves and the pieces have a luxurious look to them. But they are still simple and suitable for young children and babies, rather than making them look like they are mini-teenagers. The clothing comes in a soft cream colour because that is the natural colour of the cotton. Each item is individually made and attached is a little card with the maker's name and signature. There are dresses, hats, scarves, baby blankets and booties. A wonderful gift for your favourite little friend. :: aravore babies

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