B nature: Kids Clothes That Trigger Maternal Mechanisms

Last week we received a courier package from Tel Aviv based children's clothier, B nature.

We opened it up, and nuzzled their tiny organic cotton jacket, fit for a toddler, into our face.

At that moment, the unexpected happened: our otherwise quiet maternal clock started ticking. It said (or screamed rather), MAKE BABIES.

If it was the touch, smell, quality of the jacket - we couldn't say exactly.

We think it was the design of the clothes: the sturdy stitching, and the surprising little bumblebee buzzing around on the back.
While there are no plans yet to develop an adult line (we have our eye on the kids romper pictured above), B nature hopes to be able to supply to Israel in the near future.

Despite some setbacks, which we will talk about below, B nature has distributors in the US and South America. The management is currently looking to break into US chainstores such as Macy's, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

And come Spring, the company will attend the All Things Organic Conference, in Chicago.

B nature's clothes are made from 100% color grown (non-dyed) and naturally dyed organic cotton. However, the fact that the clothes are produced in China, have some retailers thinking twice about purchasing B nature goods, explains Valerie Warshaw, a VP for the business.

Despite the necessary certification (B nature has Skal Certification and belongs to the Organic Trade Association), getting the Fair Trade Certified - a fairly new global standard, has proven more challenging, the company reports.

"The process has been daunting," says Warshaw. "I started looking into Fair Trade Certification when retailers reacted negatively to mention of China. Sure, I can tell them: But our workers own company shares! They have benefits! Our standards are higher than most US factories! But why should someone take my word for it?"

In Israel, B nature belongs to a family owned operation, which under a different name, supplies to local chainstores such as Shilav and Golf. Their debut in the US is quite fresh.

In the meantime, locals in Israel can find organic baby clothes at Tinok Yarok, and B nature does work with online distributors. For more details on all things green and tiny, see TreeHugger's Guide, How to Green Your Baby.

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