Azure: The Green Issue

Many trees are saved when we read magazines online, and many magazines are going that route now. However sometimes it is a poor substitute for the print edition. A magazine flows in an order and style laid out by its designer, and the ads are often as much of the look, feel and content as the editorial, whereas on the web they are almost always an intrusion. Proof is provided by the May edition of Azure Magazine, a pleasure to look at and full of good green design.

Chris Turner, author of The Geography of Hope: A Tour of the World We Need, writes about Healing the Suburbs; there is a profile of James Wines, who in the 70's was at the forefront of green design; Rachel Pulfer looks at biomimicry, and I will be milking the "Material World" technical section for posts on sustainable plumbing for weeks.


BattersbyHowat show a home near Vancouver that "seamlessly integrates sustainable strategies while treading lightly on the land."


Not much of the content is available online yet, other than an article on living walls and green facades that looks far better in the magazine than it does on the web. Full disclosure: I wrote it. ::Azure