Awesome Self-Built Strawbale Music Studio: The Strawdio Rocks (Video)

strawdio strawbale studio photo

Image credit: The Journey

So i have clearly become mildly obsessed with The Journey TV—the travelling documentary project that has shown us videos on an underused train station turned gardening hub, activists' work to restore 600 square miles of ancient Caledonian forest, reclaimed timber lumber yards, and of course the (once) illegal roundhouse. One of the things I've always liked about the shows is the music—which is always gentle, uplifting and joyous. And wouldn't you know it, it's created by a man who built his own straw-bale music studio—also known as the Strawdio. Of course, this being The Journey, there is a video to tell you more, and we even get to meditate on the role of creativity in keeping us sane. The Strawdio is the creation of Piers Partridge of Pindrop Music—a crew of musicians dedicated to celebrating and reviving truly acoustic music with little or no amplification. Having learned a thing or two about strawbale building through workshops and volunteering, Piers set out to build his own studio with the help of some friends. And he's created a truly stunning space. He's clearly not afraid of having some fun along the way too:

"If you're too grown up, and too adult, then you'll never be resourceful and creative because it's not allowed. Usually, resourcefulness and creativeness starts with being completely stupid."

I feel so much better about myself now.

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