Avoid Dry Pancakes and Stop Global Warming


Did you know that this is the time of year when maple trees are tapped to produce maple syrup? Maple trees thrive under certain temperature conditions and produce the sap for maple syrup because of specific temperature cycles. In the early spring, the trees generate sap when the nights are very cold and the days fairly mild. The temperature cycling causes the starch in the sap to turn into sugar and rise in the trunk. It's one of nature's delicate miracles - which will disappear if we don't do something to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are making New England winters milder with each passing year. Join the thousands of people, including Leonardo DiCaprio, James Taylor and Laird Hamilton, who are virtually marching through StopGlobalWarming.org in an effort to bring Americans together to acknowledge that global warming is one of the most important issues today. Their mission is to use the strength of the numbers to urge our government and American businesses to start a new industrial revolution and develop clean energy products. It doesn’t cost a thing to sign up to march. After all, who doesn’t want our environment to thrive and make a better future for our young people? Not to mention dry pancakes. ::Stop Global Warming