The Avengers Assembled out of Repurposed Items for Target Ad Campaign

Iron Man, Target ad campaign, © Target

Target's "A Superhero in Every Aisle" ad campaign features The Avengers cast constructed out of mundane objects you can find in their stores. For example, Iron Man is assembled out of pencils, toys and Dr. Pepper cans.

Similarly, Mjolnir is made out of Dr. Pepper cans, toys, a toaster, radio, dumbbell and a thermos. The representations of the rest of the cast are equally creative.

As Comics Alliance points out, the campaign is unfortunately missing Black widow, the only female in the superhero roster.

Mjolnir, Thor, Target ad, © Target

Captain America Target Ad, A Superhero in Every Aisle© Target

Hulk Target ad © Target

Hawkeye, Target ad campaign, © Target

What could have been just another boring ad campaign for an already heavily promoted movie instead is transformed into pop art. The ad campaign was produced for Target by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.

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