Aveda Celebrates Earth Month


During Aveda's Earth Month you can get a professional salon service while helping to save threatened and endangered plant species. The Aveda Network celebrates the month of April with an international fundraising effort designed to raise money for a group of nonprofit Conservation Partners. Many spas and salons are offering "Appointments for the Earth," where stylists and other professionals provide services free of charge to clients who donate to the campaign (to be fair, if you participate consider a donation that is roughly equivalent to the salon's going rate). Additionally, the Network is selling a special edition "Light The Way" rose geranium scented candle - for which all proceeds will be donated to conservation programs. The candle comes in a 95% PCR glass holder and is made of 100% organic ingredients. Along with the fundraising effort, Aveda is collecting signatures on a petition to Congress and one to the United Nations to take action for endangered plants (both can be signed online). Visit the Aveda website to find a participating spa or salon in your area.