Avatar Home Tree Initiative Plants Fruit Trees in Haiti and More

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Avatar's Home Tree Initiative heading to six continents. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox
James Cameron already planted one million trees in Brazil last April. But the director has said Earth needs at least a billion more trees -- not a million, and he's enlisting 15 more countries to follow his lead, including the U.S. That's not all he's reprising. His film made more than a billion bucks, and now Avatar returns to theaters on August 27 in 3D for a limited time with nine more minutes of footage from Pandora. So where is Avatar's Home Tree Initiative sprouting up next?
Fruit trees in Haiti
is one project that's next in line. In a partnership with the Earth Day Network and Twentieth Century Fox, Cameron's plan is teaming up with groups that will reforest lands, create green urban space, preserve animal habitats, improve air quality, plus more benefits of planting trees.

Joining hundreds (thousands?) of plant-a-tree programs, the Avatar Home Tree Initiative is part of Billion Acts of Green, with the trees pledged towards the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign, a worldwide tree planting initiative facilitated by the UN's Environment Programme.


The following projects were selected for their benefits to local residents and the environment:

Australia: Landcare Australia works with national parks to restore vulnerable metropolitan areas with unique and threatened animal species.

Belgium: Organization for Forests in Flanders will combat the environmental effects of intensive livestock and agricultural production.

Brazil: SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation combats agricultural expansion and urban sprawl, planting native trees to restore the Atlantic Forest, one of the most biologically diverse and severely threatened forest ecosystems in the world.

Canada: Tree Canada has joined the Avatar Home Tree Initiative to restore 1,976 acres of pine forest in Manitoba devastated by hurricane-force winds in 2005.

France: Kinomé's Trees & Life program will help children plants tree, matching two to one for children in Senegal, advancing reforestation and intercultural awareness.

Germany: Berlin Energy Agency's environmental youth organization, ClubE, will plant trees to raise awareness and promote job opportunities in the green economy.

Haiti: Trees for the Future, a U.S.-based organization working with Haitian farmers will bring land destroyed by the devastating earthquake back to productivity through planting beneficial fruit trees, using sustainable agroforestry practices.

Italy: the Municipality of San Giovanni in Persiceto took on the Cassa Budrie reforestation project in a wetland and forest, preventing oil erosion, biodiversity recovery and creation of a local carbon sink to combat global climate change.

Japan:> a tree-planting project at schools give students and teachers the opportunity to plant trees on campus along with other school greening activities.

Mexico: Sierra Gorda Ecological Group and the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, works with community farmers to reforest lands and restore watersheds.

The Netherlands: Stichting wAarde (Earth Value Foundation) works with youth to plant trees around Amsterdam and Utrecht, improving air quality and restoring urban habitats for wildlife.

Spain: Plantemos Para el Planeta (Trees for the Planet) seeks to reforest by planting one tree for every Spaniard, reforesting the Costa del Sol destroyed by wildfires in 2009.

Sweden: the Forest in School program sponsors excursions or children and teachers, planting spruce, pine, birch and beech trees along with reforestation education.

The UK: The Woodland Trust will increase the only 4% of native cover in the UK, transforming areas as part of the 'More Trees, More Good' campaign. Communities can apply for free tree packs and receive support via an online advice center.

The U.S.
New York City: MillionTreesNYC which plants trees city-wide in low- to middle-income neighborhoods to increase green spaces will focus on its Fall Reforestation Day.

San Francisco: Friends of the Urban Forest assist residents plant and care for street trees and sidewalk gardens in urban areas, especially low-income neighborhoods.

In Los Angeles, TreePeople's Fruit Tree Program for low-income families will offer a food source while providing shade and cleaner air for decades.

Want to adopt one of the trees? Find the Home Tree code inside the Avatar Blu-ray/DVD released on Earth Day.

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