Author, Tim Flannery, at War with Climate Change


Australian of the Year, Tim Flannery, has, according to news report come out saying that if we saw climate change as do with the urgency of a war we’d be mobilising our forces with more speed. In fact in the story he suggests that if we don’t act now the rising sea levels will displace millions of people, increasing the potential for armed conflict. Addressing union conference, the author of best selling book, The Weather Makers, which we reviewed here, is quoted as saying, "The priorities are: secure our energy sector, to move as rapidly as possible to low emissions technology and that means getting on a war footing," he said. "Economists might tell you in conventional times that might take 20 years but when there's a war on you get it done in a few years so we need to move as quickly as we can." See The Weather Makers website for more of Tim’s views. You’ll also come across the companion book for young adults, known as We Are The Weather Makers. Via ::ABC Online.

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