Australia's Drought Featured as an Interactive Media Project

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A drama series called Scorched, premised on a future scenario not terribly far off from possibility, features Australia's drought. It's a media project of giant proportions intended to drive audiences not only to watch, but also to interact. The show is set in 2012 in an Australia that only has 8 weeks of water left. It centers around the chaos that ensues, and the environmental events that led to the continent entering such a dire situation.

The twist around this media project is that it isn't just a drama to watch on television. It's also a way to interact - from viewers sending in their stories about how the current droughts affect their lives, to receiving mock news updates from the future on their cell phones. For instance, the featured viewer now is Cassie, and visitors can find out more about her life and the impact water shortages have had on her and her family.

The project is a great way to get people invested in the water crisis to a level where we act on it. When stories are shared, it becomes reality and not just a news blip. You can watch episodes of Scorched online, and take part in the project - already about 10% of Australians have participated.

Via Circle of Blue
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