Audio Available: Commonwealth Club Environmental Blogging Panel


After hearing the fabulous insights of fellow blogger panelists at the Common Wealth Club's Environmental Blogging Panel a month ago, I was a very bad blogger. I didn't post about how cool it was for the Presidio School of Management to sponsor the event, praise Gil Friend for his excellent moderation, or thank Eric Corey Freed and Nick Aster for putting the confab together. Nor did I mention that Siel is now one of my favorite LA residents, and remark on Jamais Cascio's commitment to shifting environmental discourse through World Changing. I also neglected to recognize the very cool (if too easy on us!) audience and all of the now visually identifiable fellow bloggers who weren't on the panel. Now I have! And now you can listen to the whole darn thing too. Also, check out JT Barnhart's report at eco.psfk. I filled in for Graham, and did my best to represent Team TreeHugger. :: Commonwealth Club Environmental Blogging Panel Audio