At WWF Australia, the Future is Man-Made


The Australian branch of WWF (what use to to be known as the Worldwide Fund for Nature) last year entered the green lifestyle arena with a website of green tips. “Every day we shape our planet's future when we make small life decisions - what we buy, what we eat, how we travel. The future of the planet is in our hands; the future is man-made. And we are all ‘Futuremakers’."

The rationale for the move? "When we talk to people about living sustainably, they often mention that it’s very hard to find hands-on information about how to live sustainably--especially information that is Australian-focused. They want to do the 'right thing'--but are unsure of what the 'right thing' is."The tips range from raising chooks (chickens) at home to undertaking an eco-audit at the office. And on that last point the site also has a short YouTube video on the green office initiatives of Digital Eskimo, a graphic design studio who like to walk their green talk. Words like Bokashi, Mirra or Vestfrost aren’t the normal vocabulary of the graphics industry, so its pleasing to see them get an airing here. The Future is ManMade.

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