Ask 10 Questions about Climate Change

The web offers so many new ways to communicate and learn; no longer are we limited to what some call the "professionalism" of the mainstream media, filtering the news through the viewpoint of Fox or Clearchannel. TreeHugger is proud to be a co-sponsor of one of the new tools for interaction, 10 Questions, a Youtube meets Digg mashup where you can make a short video of your question for a candidate, then everyone votes to find the ten most popular questions, which are presented to the candidates, who will post video answers.

Why are we here? Because when it comes down to it, climate change and environmental issues are barely on the radar in America, and if we don't keep bugging the candidates that's where it will stay. So far not one of the submitted videos relates to the issue. (although there is a clever non-question encouraging Al Gore to run) So think of a great question, a clever way to say it and post it at ::10Questions