Ashley Judd on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Ashley Judd gives speech against mountain top removal
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Mountaintop removal coal mining really strikes a nerve with celebrity Ashley Judd, who grew up in the middle of the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky. In response, Judd teams up with the Sierra Club in a new video that details to the Obama Administration why our nation should put an end to mountaintop removal coal mining."I grew up in Kentucky, and like so many Appalachians, just seeing our beautiful mountains and valleys tells me I am home," Judd said in the recent video. "Our mountains are our heritage and our legacy to future generations. But big coal companies are using explosives to literally blow the tops off the mountains, extract the coal, and destroy Appalachia."

The Sierra Club has geared up its oppostion to the practice since a panel of federal judges recently allowed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to enable further mountaintop removal coal mining. It's feared that the recent opinion has set a precedent for future courts to allow new permits for mountaintop removal coal mining operations, which could destroy portions of the Appalachian Mountains by turning them into moon-like landscapes. In an effort to avert such a disaster, Judd urges the new Administration to ban mountaintop removal coal mining before it destroys all the mountains that she holds near and dear.

What is Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining?
Companies practicing mountaintop removal literally blow up mountains and fill nearby valleys and streams with waste rock, which can ruin entire watersheds and the water supplies of nearby communities. According to Mountain Justice, mountaintop removal coal mining can annihilate entire ecosystems and has already transformed some of the most biologically diverse temperate forests in the world into biologically barren moonscapes.

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