Artists Use Innovation to Make Our Beaches Barefoot Friendly (Video)

one beach image

A beach that's barefoot-friendly. It is less common these days than we would want. However, it's not an impossible task to return them to their former pristine states. Renowned surf filmmaker Jason Baffa and Barefoot Wine teamed up to create One Beach, a really beautiful film that highlights how artists and creative-types are coming up with brilliant ways to clean up beaches. Check it out after the jump. The problem of marine pollution on beaches is well documented. It's widespread, it's serious, and it's time-sensitive as the longer we wait to fix the source of the problem, the bigger the impacts will be.

But it's not so big it can't be solved.

The film starts out with poetry and quickly dives into inspiring activism and art intertwined to renew our beaches. It's a great highlight of what is possible when we let creativity loose.

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