Artist to Transform a Los Angeles Billboard into a Floating Forest

urban air bamboo forest on a billboard © Urban Air

We’re reportedly exposed to 5,000 advertisements a day. But what if we could make a dent, small as it may be, in that number by replacing a billboard with a forest.

Floating green spaces that improve air quality, give our eyes something to rest on, and monitor climate.

The Urban Air project by Los Angeles-based artist Stephen Glassman will do just that.

This Kickstarter project is unlike many we’ve come across. It is designed, engineered, sourced and billboard space has been acquired. All Urban Air needs is funding to complete the project.

Glassman plans to start with a donated billboard over one of Los Angeles’ busiest freeways. The commercial facade of the billboard you see above will be removed and replaced with architecturally integrated planters.

Urban Air floating forest L.A© Urban Air

In the planters a living bamboo forest will tower over traffic, disrupting the clutter of the urban skyline for commuters. Misters will irrigate the forest and create an effect of a cloud forest hovering over the freeway. The Wi-Fi-enabled forest will be equipped with climate monitoring technology that will gather and transmit environmental data from the forest.

Watch the Urban Air Introduction Video

Urban Air is starting with just one billboard, but they plan on expanding the project to include billboards in major cities across the world.

Head over to the Urban Air Kickstarter if you would like to fund this project and hopefully see a bamboo forest growing over a road in your city sometime soon.

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Artist to Transform a Los Angeles Billboard into a Floating Forest
A bamboo cloud forest will sprout over a Los Angeles freeway. And soon grow over your city too.

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