Artist converts vintage suitcases into 'Nest Colonies'

Robert Lach
© Robert Lach

Many a vintage store has an old suitcase or two in stock, and while we've seen these classics turned into everything from lovely furniture to fully functioning speakers, American artist Robert Lach turns these discards into bird-inspired sculptures he calls "Nest Colonies."

Robert Lach© Robert Lach
Robert Lach© Robert Lach

According to Inhabitat, Lach collects various old specimens of American Tourister suitcases, and finely shreds the inside lining along with other materials like cardboard to form a structural mish-mash, which is shaped into the form of rather convincing-looking nests.

Robert Lach© Robert Lach

In combining a passion for architecture and bird-watching, Lach's vintage-inspired pieces are reminiscent of the excitement of flying, of travelling to far-off places. The notion of 'nest' as home is made microcosmic here within the hull of a suitcase, a sense of constructed belonging that one can bring no matter where one goes. The history of human migration, along with today's globalized modes of movement, are ostensibly linked here with the epic travels of our avian counterparts.

Robert Lach© Robert Lach

In the repetition of a number of nests within a single suitcase, Lach's pieces also seem to touch lightly on the subject of colonization and 'colonies.' Pointing to the terrible ease in which monocultural ideologies are spread and imposed on sovereign peoples in the course of global travel, Lach's work also seems to say that there's a flip side to migration that we must consider in good conscience -- though future generations will certainly continue to wander like the birds.

More over at Robert Lach's website.

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