Art to Save the Planet

NYC artist Flash Light tells us that the "2D-D-Detritus" exhibit, the latest installment of the Art from Detritus series, has been extended through July 23rd. To be eligible for inclusion in Art from Detritus shows, artwork must be made primarily from discarded objects and materials. This year's theme is collage, and the materials used include fabric, bark, rubber, and string. Art from Detritus was started in 1994 by Vernita Nemec a.k.a. Vernita N'Cognita, an artist who's been working with found materials for over a decade. She continues to curate the show and is blunt about her reasons for promoting art made from trash: "Art from Detritus is an exhibit of art to save the planet." Her site has links to works featured in past shows. Any Treehuggers in town over the next few days can see the exhibit at Synagogue for the Arts, 49 White Street in Manhattan. Images of work featured in past Art from Detritus exhibits are available here. ::2D-D-Detritus