Art Rocks: Non-Toxic Coloring for Easter's Golden Eggs

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Clementine Art supplies make you want to sing, "Oh My Darling."

Red cabbage, beets, yellow onions, turmeric powder, and grape juice. Yum. A weird salad? No, they're natural dyes for your free-range Easter eggs, as described on the Clementine Art blog. A chart describes how to stain them golden, peach, magenta, and celadon green naturally. Also, from Clementine Art are these cute little crayon rocks, certified non-toxic, without chemical dyes or additives. Your tyke may not care now but they'll love the stones and sticks to draw with, along with the rest of the colorful "green" art collection to decorate the eggs for Sunday's hunt:

As with all Clementine Art supplies, the eco-crayons are healthy for your child, safe for the earth, responsibly sourced, and innovatively designed. The ingredients contain: kosher soy wax, mineral pigments, beeswax, carnauba wax, vegetable stearic acid, calcium carbonate (chalk), natural Brazilian rosin, and titanium dioxide. An excellent alternative to conventional crayons with paraffin wax and marks wash off with soap and water.

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Diane Mercer, an art teacher in Boulder, Colorado, discovered the joys of creativity with kids as she watched them play in her art space with paints, coloring everything, including their hands, hair, faces, fingers, and mouths. She got thinking about the safety of the products they were using and came up with a line of art supplies named after her studio, Clementine Art.

Clementine Art "pledges to wear green shoes" and reduce its carbon footprint with packaging that uses 80 percent post-consumer recycled materials and is printed with soy based inks in a wind-powered facility. There are no synthetic preservatives, animal byproducts or petroleum bases.

Other delicious creative fun includes strawberry, lemon and lime scented modeling dough with turmeric and spinach mixed in with flour and cream of tartar. There are quick drying markers with natural plant dyes, and eco-paints with Mayan mineral pigments and washable glue for sustainable art projects, especially with recycled scrap paper and fabric.


Easter Egg Roll souvenirs courtesy of the White House.

The White House Egg Roll with its jogging bunny logo is working in the theme of Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign to combat childhood obesity. So fill up an Easter basket (or decorated reusable container) with fruit and maybe some fair-trade organic chocolates instead of that Hershey's bunny. Should kids be eating biting off the heads of rabbits anyway?

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