Art Project Brings Madrid's Public Fountains Back to Life

On a late January night, the team at Luzinterruptus, an anonymous Spanish art group, turned four defunct public water fountains in Madrid into glowing versions of their former, working selves. The goal was to criticize the decrepit state of the city's fountains, half of which, Luzinterruptus says, no longer work.

Luzinterruptus' works usually include the use of light and an environmental message, like super creepy glowing "nuclear soldiers" and 1,000 inflated trash bags.

The group writes:

We wanted to say that water is necessary for life and that the fountains that are used for drinking and refreshing ourselves seem much more necessary and beautiful to us than those which are merely ornamental.

For "Drinking Water Running through the Streets", the four fountains were covered in more than 200 empty glass bottles of Infatrini, a formula for underweight babies, collected over four months. The bottles were lighted blue to imitate running water.

While the water crisis is a more serious public health issue in Africa than in Europe, people everywhere deserve access to good, clean drinking water.

Art Project Brings Madrid's Public Fountains Back to Life
An art installation protested the crumbling state of many of Madrid's public drinking fountains.

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