Are We Hooked on Growth? Dispatches from the Edge of a Cliff (Video)

Dave Gardner interview photo

Image credit: Peak Moment TV

When Peak Moment TV asked whether being uncivilized is sustainable, it prompted an interesting discussion on what happens if we move away from current models of industrial civilization. Now their next episode tackles another aspect of the same question—what happens if we give up on the concept of perpetual economic growth? As you would expect from the folks who brought us videos on safe and legal gray water, a DIY solar home, and protecting your money in a declining economy, this is yet another deep, far ranging discussion. Talking with film maker and activist David Gardner, the show explores Gardner's upcoming non-profit "crowd-produced" documentary called "Hooked On Growth".

Highlighting the fact that it has only been the last 300 years that humans have seen perpetual growth as the path to prosperity, Hooked On Growth talks to activists, experts and ordinary folks who are exploring alternatives to the "bigger is better" route to happiness. Much like another Peak Moment show on living simply as an Alternative American Dream, it's hard to argue with the central premise that we might all be better off if we concentrated a little less on accruing wealth, and a little more on spending time doing what we truly love with the people who matter to us.

Now how we convince the world around us that this is the case, that's another challenge...

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