Are Greens the New Gays?

greensender green pride flag and gay pride flag image

Green Pride Stems from Gay Pride; photos via Greensender and NCinDC

In a very fun interpretation of the famed rainbow flag of the gay pride movement, has created some green pride flag merchandise, just in case you'd like to come out of the closet as green and wear your pride on your sleeve — er, chest, or car, or wall While we don't recommend running out and purchasing objects for the sole purpose of proving your green mettle (we think carrying your reusable shopping bags to the farmer's market while sipping from your eco-friendly reusable water bottle does all that for you), we do love the website's fun and energetic take on showing off green pride.

They've even adopted the language of the gay pride movement:

"As someone who has dedicated my life to living green, building a green business, and educating people about what it means to be green, I believe the Green Pride flag is a symbol that is easily understood, and is striking in its look," said Mike Aaron, creator of the Green Pride flag.

The different shades of green represent the "ascending levels of dedication to the earth's protection."

No matter what shade of green you may be, you're accepted and loved!

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