Arctic Tale Movie Opens Today + Help the Arctic Exploration Fund


Plenty Magazine and Variety review Arctic Tale (96 MIN), which we've been happy to encourage you to see. Plenty tells us that "Arctic Tale addresses climate change without being preachy or picking a fight" and Variety hints that while "the anthropomorphism is relentless, as animal communities are mined for their most recognizably human characteristics" in this Paramount Vantage release:
The drama is heightened by the undeniably frightening changes in weather patterns over the past few years. Overall effect, regardless of aesthetic quibbles or kudos, is to make auds aware of how imminent the risk is to these environmentally interdependent creatures.

The New York Times covers the film in depth. Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson, a husband and wife who have spent over fifteen years filming Arctic mammals for television nature shows, sifted through more than 800 hours of their own footage and that of other filmmakers to assemble a fictional, family-friendly coming-of-age tale. See most of the trailer and an interview with Sarah Robertson on CNN here. To help the Arctic Exploration Fund and to hear rare audio of the Bowhead Whale, take the jump to the next iceberg.You can take action on the filmmaker's site by clicking on Arctic Exploration Fund (or by directly e-mailing There you will find out about this public non-profit organization created to implement a consistent, high quality photograph presence in the Arctic, dedicated to capturing new behaviors on film as the Arctic's top marine predators adapt to a new and warming environment in the current era of climate change. Also, we especially like that you can listen audio to the first ever winter recordings of a Bowhead Whale singing in Davis Strait, Greenland!

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