Architecture For Humanity and the California Fires


Architecture for Humanity, who we usually think of as working in distant locations, hits the ground running yet again. The local San Diego chapter is already hard at work with Rebuild San Diego, helping seniors and looking for anything and everything, from food, to toiletry, to bedding. They have a page up already on the Open Architecture Network put out the call-

"As voluntary architects and designers we have the opportunity to use your our skills and assets to come together and help Rebuild San Diego. If any of you are interested in seeking out volunteer opportunities, you can get in contact with us by sending an email to rebuildsandiego (at) From there, we will round up folks, set up a meeting and see what we can do." ::Rebuild: San Diego If, like me, you are too far away to pitch in physically, do so virtually by making a tax-deductible ::Donation via Paypal like I just did.