Arbor: Snowboards with a touch of Treehugger

We have put our summer toys away and look out the window, hoping for snow, that we may get on our snowboard and carve some hill. We sometimes think that driving our Subaru two hours to get electrically hauled up a hill to fly down a clearcut trail on artificial snow is not exactly treehugger correct, but for excitement it beats the crap out of cross-country. Imagine how much better we would feel if we were on an Arbor plank- they build boards with topsheets out of bamboo and other sustainable materials. Their environmental policy:
*Using forest products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
*Being conscientious about the environment in designing our products.
*Giving back to the environment and the environmental movement.
*Developing a diverse line of wood-top boards anyone would be proud to ride.
It is sort of like turning a Hummer into a 50's woody-wagon by putting bamboo on the sides- We can't defend the sport but it sure looks like a smooth treehugger ride. ::Arbor Sports via ::Hippyshopper We wrote about Arbor last January but they have nice new boards and it is a new season, so forgive the repetition.