Aquaskipper: Human Powered Flying on Water

If you thought the hyperbike was inventive but impractical, here is a crazy human powered vehicle which has made the leap from from the drawing boards to the marketplace. While a windsurfer still seems a more practical fuel-free transport for one on the water, this gadget does have the advantage that you can have your fun and exercise without any wind. The Aquaskipper can be purchased at inventist new ($495.95) or refurbished ($349.95) for any extreme sportists who want to give it a go, and seems to have good international distribution channels (search aquaskipper and your country). For a great video and detailed instructions on how to get started, as well as proof that the crazy thing does work if you know how, check out Instructables.
The gadget weighs only 26 pounds (11.8 kg) and can be disassembled for transport and storage. It can be propelled up to 17 mph (27.4 km/h) by a gentle hopping motion used to propel the hydrofoil foward by "flapping" the underwater wings. The device has positive bouyancy (it won't drop to the bottom like a stone), but once it sinks, you have to swim it back to a dock to launch it again.

Feedback indicates a good level of fitness is required to travel far. The learning curve will appeal to extreme sports types who like to know they can go where few have gone before, but buyer beware: the availability of used and refurbished models suggest the Aquaskipper is not for everyone. But if you are currently getting flabby letting your jetski do the work for you, give it a try!

Via ::inventist
Photo via ::grogware