April Fools Round the 'Verse


I was going to lay off the April Fools jokes but who could pass up this parody of our friends at ABEC. From the Natural Resources Defence Council.

Other great April Fools: The Polar Bear Conservancy
Google & Virgin planning a Mars colony
New Fruit On the Block: Self-Peeling Citrus
Bush approves Freedom Fans to fight global warming
The New Gehry Residence in Los Angeles
New Levels of LEED
Drain Great Lakes to fill Grand Canyon?
...state officials admitted that the plan will lower the lake levels dramatically. "But it won't be more than 200 feet, 300 at most," said Dr. Doan B. Leevit, an engineering professor at the University of Michigan's department of Business, Utilities, Labor and Legislation (BULL). "We can afford that because all the lakes are over 700 feet. OK, Erie is only 210 feet, but if we dig a real big ditch right down the middle, we could still get the ships through and we'd also have the world's biggest skateboard park."

And over at Planet Green, Watch for this Great New Food Item in Your Grocery

More to come...


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