April 14th: Americans Demand Action on Climate Change


The 14th of April will see over 1,261 planned events scheduled to occur across the US as part of the most widespread community action to date addressing the issue of global warming. The National Day of Climate Action has been initiated by "Step It Up 2007," a grassroots movement organized through word of mouth, email outreach, and the online community.

In Portland, Oregon, between 3,00 and 5,000 people are expected to participate in a mass rally calling on the Oregon legislature to take action on global warming, and this event will be followed by a group of people walking to Salem to hand deliver messages provided by people at the rally. The group will be staying overnight at various churches and with other community groups along the way with small events to take place each night. The group will arrive in Salem on Tuesday, April 17 th, at the steps of the Oregon Legislature to deliver and read the messages.

New York will be the site for Sea of People, an "interactive artistic installation" which we already reported on here, and which will seek to raise awareness of rising sea levels, and how New York will be changed.

Elsewhere in the country there will be rallies, bike rides, meetings and other events (you can find something going on near you here) helping raise awareness of, and political will for, the unprecedented effort needed to reverse climate change and usher in the post-fossil fuel era. Bring it on!

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