Apply Now For Wild Gift: Carpe Opportunity, and Seize The Present!

If you're lurking around the quarter-life crisis range — anywhere from 21 to 30 — man oh man have we got a potential present for you! Wild Gift is a "nonprofit organization that supports leaders building communities whose citizens live in harmony with each other and Nature." Specifically, they support five successful applicants a year in realizing their project ideas, which must "benefit the natural environment and the human community." Lucky recipients of the Wild Gift come into a package valued at $11,000 - $15,000, which includes leadership training, deep wilderness treehugging and trekking time, and cash to turn ideas into action. Recipients live, if not off-grid, at least off the beaten path for a year.

The organization favors projects that will improve natural and social conditions in communities and serve as models that can be replicated — the Wild Gift is one that keeps on giving. This will be the program's third year in its current form, and past recipients have launched a nature writing program in California, a solar power firm in India, and a consultancy that helps establish community farm operations in the USA. Applications are due April 1, so if you have a project to propose, move fast! But if you're looking for a gift that's less of a commitment or you're in the proscribed age range, don't despair — check out TreeHugger's Green Gift Guide or How to Green Your Gifts instead! ::Wild Gift Image from X's album Wild Gift.