Answer the Call: Recycling Cell Phones with EMA, Eva Mendes, and "The Spirit"

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If Eva Mendes asked you to recycle a cell phone, and she did it all sexy-like, made up as a femme fatale from the 40's, would you do it? The Environmental Media Association thinks you will—the organization is working with the folks behind the upcoming superhero comic book noir film "The Spirit" to promote a new cell phone recycling program.
Answer the Call
features a simple enough premise: you log on, ogle the alluring images of Ms. Mendes and her co-star in the picture, Scarlett Johansson, who are wistfully and mysteriously clutching cell phones, then print out a postage paid envelope with which you can mail in your musty old cell phone. Even though there are plenty of ways to recycle your cell phone already, perhaps the thought is that the sultry gaze of a starlet will entice movie fans to support EMA. According to the Answer the Call website, every phone recycled raises money for PSAs (like these?) and environmental awareness programs for schools.

So if you happen to have an old one sitting around, reluctant to trash it due to its toxic components, here's your chance to recycle the cell phone at the dubious insistence of movie stars. After all, the postage is prepaid—and you can't say no to Eva (or EMA), can you?

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