Angelina Jolie's Organic Diet, Heidi Klum's Green Project, Pierce Brosnan's Hydrogen Car and More

angelina jolie pregnant photo
...New moms rejoice! Even the seemingly perfect Angelina needs to work to get her pre-pregnancy shape back. With her twins not even a week old, she's already put herself on an organic diet - one that's high in fresh vegetables and Omega-3. According to her friend, Angelina's menu includes "organic salmon with tomatoes, brown bread and herbs for breakfast, while mackerel or grilled fresh tuna with watercress, spinach tomatoes is typical for lunch or dinner."
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Heidi Klum's Green Project Runway:
heidi klum project runway photo
The supermodel is planning an eco-fashion showdown this season on her fashion reality show Project Runway. "You can make a lot of great things with eco-friendly material," attests Klum. She also wants to go greener on the home-front. For starters, she stopped tossing her kids' old clothes. She now donates them to Baby Buggy; a charity that distributes used clothing to children in need. "Most of the time my kids' clothes are hardly worn. They grow out of them so quickly. So, it's a simple way to give back,"
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Naomi Campbell's Green Good Deed:
naomi campbell planting trees photo

Has superdiva Naomi Campbell turned over a new leaf? Notorious for her raging temper, Naomi actually looked "peaceful" and "kind" planting trees. The supermodel had a "green moment" in Nigeria when she helped with a tree-planting campaign for The Abuja Green Society. For every child born in a hospital within the region, the organization will plant a tree.
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Pierce Brosnan's Hydrogen Car:
pierce brosnan bmw hydrogen 7 photo

Eco-friendly stars dig their hydrogen cars. Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keeley Shaye Smith joined Hollywood's elite crew by arriving toNew York city's Mama Mia premiere in a BMW Hydrogen 7. The car is touted as the world's first hydrogen car for everyday use. To get out the word - BMW leased the cars to green-minded stars like Brosnan, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Kristen Davis.