An Open Invitation To Waiheke's KultureFest


During my time on Waiheke Island I met an amazing community of people who like my friends Laura and Darren and Sean and Gina of Spangled Ferret are working to create an interactive, inclusive, educational, sustainable and vibrant cultural arts scene not only on the Island, but in New Zealand as a whole. You have read about Laura and Darren's efforts to live sustainably on their land, you heard about their green wedding, which utilized as much local talent as possible, and you've seen the seedlings and saplings of their permaculture garden. To bring all these elements together and to bring their knowledge to a wider audience Darren and Laura are planning to hold a festival on their land in January 2007. Their mission is to bring together neighbours and friends to produce a world class, environmentally aware festival, seeking emerging talent and culture from New Zealand and internationally for a broad cross section of performing arts, music, sculpture and civil action groups.Events planned for the festival include:
The SMASH PALACE, which is described as Mad Max meets the Mutoid Waste Company. It will be the center stage, for the headlining acts, made from industrial recycled "waste" built during the festival.

FREEDOMe: a sound proofed geodesic dome with 24/7 djs from around the world, let the best wayward sound surgeons operate on your ears, eyes and body, all genres, all styles, all night, all day. Bop till you drop.

THE FOOD COURT provides an arresting array of fine, local, organic and healthy cuisine, be the judge, jury and prime witness to a cooking extravaganza as top chefs battle it out to become the master festy chef, by public opinion.

LANDALA is a mandala garden you will be able to veiw on Google Earth forever more. Be a part of this new earthart movement. You will receive a plant with your ticket with a code attached, over the weekend, find your matching code in the Landala and visit the festival site on the Web. Just watch it grow.

The MUD HOLE is the place to cool off, make pottery, sculpture and learn building techniques whilst endulging in a good old fashion wallow. Throw yourself down the mud slide, paint eachother in ochre, drop the kids or get some mud slinging action going on.

The ORGANACHY forum will provide a hui type discussion space for people to debate and share experiences and strategies for networking and marketing ECO LOGICAL practices, products and services

The ARTRail : A week long symposium of edgy sculptors and installation artists let loose on the site, fresh ideas, fresh materials, fresh perspectives.


There will be many other activities to take part in including drum and dance workshops, theatre performance, wacky races and a kids zone. Waiheke's KultureFest aims to be as diverse and inclusive as possible so if you think you have something interesting to contribute, whether it's art, performance, DJing, music, food or horticulture, Laura and Darren would like to hear from you. They are extending an open invitation to anyone, from down the road or from across the seas, who would like to bring their talents to the festival. Please contact them through Best In Tents.

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