An Old Broom Sweeps Clean


The other day, on my morning perambulations, I happened upon a man in our neighbourhood park. He was wearing safety boots, shin guards, ear plugs, ear muffs, gloves, safety glasses and a hi-viz vest. He was most properly attired in the correct Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, as it is known in OH&S; (Occupational Health and Safety) circles . His task for the morning was cleaning leaves and lawn clippings off the walkway. Nearing almost the end of the path, he was heard to swear loudly. Seems he’d just run out of oomph. You see, he was using a powered leaf blower. And it had died on him. Now, with the job nine tenths finished, he had to walk way across the park to get his very rowdy machine re-energised. Not for the first time – being an ardent despiser of leaf blowers – I wondered just what had the classic broom done to bring such neglect upon itself. If this guy had had a broom he’d have been done by now, instead of traipsing all over the park to get his ‘powered broom’ revved once more. I shook my head and walked on, in the new bliss of what passes for silence in the inner city. And was reminded of the quote ascribed to Albert Einstein: "It is appallingly obvious that our technology exceeds our humanity." And that of our common sense too, it would appear.