An Inside Look at LA's Community of Visionary Activists

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Jason Mraz at the Freedom Awards. Photo credit: Freedom Awards/Amy Graves

It's interesting to me that many people judge Los Angeles without really knowing her. She really is the City of Angels. I've lived in Los Angeles for going on a dozen years now, and at long last I can affirmatively state that I have found "my tribe." I'm referring to a group of like-minded people, who I am honored to call my friends and colleagues. These angels possess the qualities that I most admire in people: Social and environmental consciousness, spiritual, activists, creative, artistic, visionary, green, health conscious, etc.

In general, the people that I communicate and hang out with are interested in being of service to their own personal, as in self improvement, as well as to the greater good. And that shows up in many different forms.The path that has led me to find this tribe has been an interesting journey in and of itself, but that's a whole other story. I began connecting with them at a highly increased rate in 2007 when I launched my Visionary Brand and my eco store, Visionary Boutique. Facebook hasn't hurt either. It has helped me connect with, and deepen an already existing connection with a lot of people all at once. It's a great tool for a busy visionary activist like myself, to connect and spread information that uplifts and betters the world.

As a result of my enlightened community, I have been invited to participate in many wonderful events recently which were either produced by or attended by this visionary group of individuals. First was the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference.

Removing the traditional pretensions from the concept of 'leadership,' the non-traditional conference featured two days of exploration on social entrepreneurship, conscious lifestyles, compassionate action, a youth leadership program, live concerts and more. Amazing speakers and panels were speaking words that can and will uplift the world. I was excited to see some of my favorite tribe members sharing their gifts, like Mikki Willis of Elevate Studios, who told us that their entire crew meditates together for 90 minutes every day before beginning their work, Jason Mraz came out to speak to the youth, and then talked to everyone about his involvement with Free the Slaves.

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Jasmuheen speaks at Leaders Causing Leaders Conference. Photo credit: Leaders Causing Leasers
Jasmuheen had everyone's attention as she spoke about how pranic living is a great way to help preserve our natural resources, otherwise known as the Breatharian lifestyle. I was totally intrigued.

Then after years of being a fan, I got to meet the founders of Café Gratitude. Turns out the multi million dollar company was started with a simple yet vitally important concept: personal transformation. Café Gratitude owners Matthew and Terces Englehart created a board game, "that introduces people to an unfamiliar view of 'being abundance'."

It didn't take long for this board game to sprout into a café where people could play the game, which became a living foods café after Terces read a book about live foods. The company has 7 locations in Northern California, and lucky us: LA is about to open number eight right here in the Larchmont District. If you're looking for me, I'll probably me there hanging with my tribe!

That same weekend brought the Rethink Green Charity Gala on Saturday night benefiting the Environmental Charter High School.

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ECHS Founder Alison Diaz with Lisa Ling. Photo Credit:Vivian Kililea
The event was hosted by Ed and Rachelle Begley, Lisa Ling, and Anna Getty and attended by David Rothschild, among others, who all showed up to raise funds for the Green Ambassadors Institute and environmental education to grow sustainable schools and communities nationwide. I believe that if every high school in the country would adopt this program, that alone would, to a great extent, solve the world's woes.

The second day of Leaders Creating Leaders was another eventful one. With so much going on it was tough to cover it all! Then that evening I headed straight to The Freedom Awards in Redondo Beach. Free The Slaves really has their act together. They produced a stellar event that was both entertaining and educational. I learned that there are more slaves in the world now than ever before, to the tune of 27 million. God bless' em for taking on that one! Jason Mraz performed The Freedom Song with the Agape Youth Choir, as everyone's heart melted.

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore present at The Freedom Awards. Photo credit: Freedom Awards/Amy Graves

The Freedom Rocks after party started off with a great performance by the Makepeace Brothers. That's where I ran into Reverend Michael Beckwith, and everyone stuck their peace fingers in the air while Jason played another set. It was an epic evening and weekend for learning, connecting, and raising awareness.
Next came 11/11. I personally have been interested in the phenomena of 11/11, or 11:11, for a few years now, and with 2011 rounding the bend, more people seem to be tuning in.

I was blessed to attend a special event at Elevate Studios, in Ojai, to celebrate the occasion. We got to hear one of the featured speakers from the The Leaders Causing Leaders Conference, Nassim Haramein talk about The Resonance Project.

We learned about his incredible findings, which blew the mind of everyone in attendance. We're talking about a scientific equation that I won't even begin to try to explain here. Check out his site and learn for yourself. That was followed by a powerful group meditation at 11:11pm which, following Nassim's speech, had a different kind of buzz for me than the what I'm used to.

It seemed that I've been living in a visionary activist network lately! I feel so blessed to be a part of this community of world changers, and am so grateful to them for always leading me to a higher understanding of how we can all be part of co-creating a better world!

To live and serve in LA, what a concept...

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An Inside Look at LA's Community of Visionary Activists
It's interesting to me that many people judge Los Angeles without really knowing her. She really is the City of Angels. I've lived in Los Angeles for going on a dozen years now,

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