An Inconvenient Truth Partners with MySpace

We have just learned that An Inconvenient Truth has partnered up with the hugely popular social website MySpace to promote the film. If we look at the coverage that the announcement received in the media and on the blogs, we could conclude that it is low-key. But it seems effective: In a week, over 48,000 MySpace members have added the MySpace profile page of An Inconvenient Truth to their "friends" lists (including the official TreeHugger MySpace and TreeHuggerTV MySpace pages - there's not a lot there yet, but feel free to add us to your "friends" list).According to MediaPost:

the campaign will culminate in a 10-city MySpace theater buyout on June 16, with free tickets going to select members of the film's MySpace community. MediaPost also reports that MySpace is contributing a significant amount of ad space to raise climate change awareness. The MySpace music channel is reported to be planning an artist-on-artist interview between the former vice president and a to-be-announced rock star who is also happens to be part of the MySpace community. The MySpace movies channel will spotlight an interview with the film's director, Davis Guggenheim.

::MediaPost, via ::The Social Software Blog

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