An Inconvenient Truth: Oscar Winner


AP Photo

Like nearly every Grey's Anatomy episode, the Oscars generally make me cry and laugh out loud at least twice. This year of feel-good internationalism and "every nominee is a winner" egalitarianism was no exception. However, a brand new, twist complicated the customary emotional roller coaster: greenness. An Inconvenient Truth (unsurprisingly) won Best Documentary. At the podium: Laurie David (producer), ecstatic, and Al Gore emphasizing the nonpartisan nature of the climate change threat. Additionally, the Academy seems to have teamed up with the NRDC to make Oscar's molten foot leave a lighter print, and teach viewers to tread softly as well. Wow. Weird. Love it that millions of people around the world saw that a chunk of Hollywood wants to do something about the U.S.'s imbalanced CO2 contribution. Not so happy that the running Gore candidacy announcement jokes make such an obvious Hollywood/Liberal/Environmentalism punditry target. None-the-less, an amazing night for the folks at Participant Productions and the climate change message. An Oscar win can only mean more people seeing what could have just remained a former Vice President's slide show. ::Oscars